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manufacturing sourcing

  • Greater Visibility into and control over the manufacturing process
  • Enhanced ability to track production and manage inventory and demand
  • Higher quality finished products
  • Reduction in defective products
  • Lower per-unit costs

supplier management

Hakkuna provides end-to-end workflow modularity that helps you establish and maintain stronger supply flow, ensure compliance and mitigate risk with deeper, more advanced functionality — out-of-the-box or configured to your needs. Our supplier relationship with our management capabilities push third-party relationships beyond just pricing and cost savings, turning them into major assets that generate competitive advantage.

research & development

  • Developing new materials, fabrics and textiles to achieve specific properties
  • Adapting existing materials or fabrics for a new purpose
  • Integrating existing materials and components to create a new, functional garment
  • Developing new production processes to improve your output, or reduce waste and carbon footprint of your operations
  • Trialing new combinations of materials

quality assurance

Quality assurance and quality control is a complex area of the apparel industry. First off, quality assurance is not quality control, but quality control is an aspect of quality assurance. Quality assurance builds quality into each step of the manufacturing process including designing, production, and beyond.

Quality control is generally understood as assessing for quality after products have already been manufactured and sorted into acceptable and unacceptable categories.

Apparel garments, accessories, and other textile products are assessed for quality in the preproduction phase, during production, and with a final inspection after the product has been completed.

All our QA team members are over 20 years of experience in manufacturing sector, liaison offices and agencies. Such as Lifung, Cherryfield, Sesby.

Highly experienced in patternmaking and deeply technical knowledge of each garment manufacturing process, Quality Assurance from design process to goods delivery.


Our Services