Caddebostan, Vardar Sokak No:5 D.6 Kadıkoy-Istanbul / Turkiye

Why Turkiye ?

The main advantages of the Turkish textile and clothing industry are:

Turkey has several advantages in textile production as well as the supply of raw materials
based on the following points:
– In logistics terms, the country has a very strategic position since it is the gateway to the European
countries’ markets.
– The county is a source of raw materials used for manufacturing. Turkey ranks 7th in world
cotton manufacturing.
– Turkish organic textile companies are also one of the most signicant organic cotton suppliers
in the global market.
– Thanks to its flexible trade policies with a highly skilled labour force, the country has a
highly developed industry capable of producing quality goods.
– The country has a customs union agreement with the EU and free trade agreements
with other countries.
– Turkey is also known to attach importance and priority to the working conditions of its workforce.
– Turkey continues to invest in the use of advanced technologies to develop its industry.
– Turkish companies have skilled and educated human resources.
– The design capacity of Turkish manufacturers is developing.
– Accumulation of technical know-how is perfectly well.